In the café, the heart of our hotel, enjoyment is paramount. We rely on products with a satisfaction and feel-good factor that go from the stomach straight to the heart.

Servus Gelting Café

About our café

What makes our
CAFÈ SO unique?

Servus Gelting Café, Kaffee, Kaffeebohnen


You are what you eat — so why not the best foods with a satisfaction and wellbeing factor?! When it comes to our simple meals and drinks, enjoyment is paramount. In addition to vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and vegetative products, we spoil you with regional and seasonal delicacies that go straight to your heart.

Enjoying coffee

For us, coffee is more than just a caffeine boost — a pure pleasure, a craft, a journey through different countries, customs and cultures. We don't have just one coffee bean — we're constantly looking for new varieties, delicacies and want to take you on our exciting coffee adventure. We prepare our hot drink with love so that we can serve our guests a great coffee result. Come by and let yourself be taken on this exciting journey.

Home-made pastry

We love cake and rely on recipes like the ones we know from grandma. We change our range of homemade cakes and tarts every day, not only paying attention to seasonality, but also working with regional and natural products.
Hmm... how it smells from the bakery.

Our offer

We can do more
than just coffee

Servus Gelting Terrasse
Servus Gelting Kaffeemaschiene
Servus Gelting Kaffee
Servus Gelting Kaffee gemahlen
Servus Gelting Kaffeebohnen
Servus Gelting Kaffee
Servus Gelting Cafébar
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Servus Gelting Café
Servus Gelting CaféServus Gelting Café
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Café opening times

Mon, Tue: closed
Wed, Sun: 09:00 - 18:00
Thu, FrI, Sat: 09:00 - 21:00

Hotel reception opening times

Every day from 7:00 - 20:00